William Heath Davis Historical House
Paranormal Investigation TourThe Gaslamp Quarter Historical Foundation and the San Diego Ghost Hunters have joined to present: William Heath Davis House Ghost Hunting Tours.Beginning late night on Sat, June 28, 2014, guest investigators will learn about the historical families that influenced San Diego’s past, will be introduced to paranormal investigation tools and techniques, and then will put them to use in a hands-on investigation discovering why this house has a haunting reputation.

June 28th, 2014 Tour
:: When | Sat 28th, 2014
10:00 pm to midnight,
:: What to bring | Still / video cameras, voice recorders, handheld ghost hunting equipment
:: Map | The Davis House is at 410 Island Ave., San Diego Gaslamp Quarter. Find us onMapQuestReserve your spot today
Don’t be disappointed. Only an intimate group of guest investigators will join sdGH each tour and sell-outs are guaranteed, often within the first days of each month.

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:: By phone | 619-233-4692 :: In person | 410 Island Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101Upcoming dates | June 28th, July 26th, Aug 30th, Sept 27th

Facebook Facebook logo | Visit our Davis House Ghost Tours page on FacebooksdGH co-hosts the William Heath Davis House Paranormal Investigation Tour as a service to the community and in memory of all past residents, children and unknown spirits of the Davis House… All admission proceeds are used for the restoration and preservation of the House Museum by the Gaslamp Quarter Historical Foundation.

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Location: 410 Island Ave. The Gaslamp Quarter, San Diego, California
Web resource: www.gaslampquarter.org
Map it: San Diego, California

William Heath Davis was the first man who attempted to build what we know today as downtown San Diego. In 1850 he began his New Town by the bay, by purchasing a shipment of pre-cut wooden houses from Portland, Maine. They were shipped around Cape Horn to San Diego Bay.

In 1867 Alonzo E. Horton and his wife Sarah, traveled to San Diego with the plan of succeeding where Davis had failed. Horton purchased 960 acres of land and a one-half interest in the Davis house. He and Sarah lived in the house while his mansion was being built. Horton opened a real estate office in San Francisco and began selling his new land. Thanks to his shrewd business skills and timing, he was able to begin the first real estate boom in San Diego.

The Davis is the only house left standing in San Diego where Horton resided.

The Davis house has been located on 3 lots during its lifetime:

  1. State and Market Street (erected in 1850)
  2. 11th and K Street (moved by horses in 1873)
  3. And currently, 4th and Island (moved by truck in 1984)

The house has been rumored to be haunted for years because of the many colorful characters who have resided in the house. Not only was the house a residence to many, it was also a hospital for about ten years where many deaths from consumption and tetanus have been recorded The house was also an officer’s quarters prior to the Civil War and was reported to have a WWI German spy in hiding who used the house for his purposes. He was later captured and researchers have made contact with his angry spirit.

It has always been the San Diego Ghost Hunters purpose to help preserve the history and stories of landmarks in San Diego County and across the United States.

We believe in the preservation of the William Heath Davis House history and legacy. The former occupants play an integral role in that living history.

It has been our pleasure to become acquainted with the previous occupants of the house and now we want to share that with public.
We invite you to join the San Diego Ghost Hunters for their once-a-month investigative 2-hour ghost tours and meet them for yourself.

What a wonderful house! We would like to thank the Gaslamp Quarter Historical Foundation. If you would like more information on how to join the Foundation, please visitwww.gaslampquarter.org.

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