Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) is an anomalous vocalization recorded onto an electronic device that was not heard by the ear when generated. This possible evidence of spirit existence and the techniques to capture it is available to everyone with little financial investment.

One organization providing massive information and education is the Haunted Voices Radio Network. Spearheaded by researcher, instructor and EVP guru Todd Bates, HVRN offers articles, capturing instruction, forums, product reviews, and daily radio shows interviewing prominent paranormal community members. Site membership is free and the variety of complimentary services offered by Mr. Bates and his associates is generous.

dolly_dogAs told to Whaley House Museum visitors by head docent, Victor Santana, during his tour introduction, “You may feel something brushing up against your pant leg or licking your toes. It would be the spirit of Dolly the dog. If it wasn’t, we would charge you more.”

sdGH has been able to capture spirit images of several family dogs Thomas Whaley and family owned during their occupation of the house. One of the more well known pooches is Dolly, a black and white fox terrier who still makes her presence known by interacting with museum visitors. She is seen sprinting across the house’s hardwood floors including those of the master bedroom, considered to be her favorite haunt. As Victor stated above, physical contact is a reality, too. Visiting young children have also been known to ask about the dog they just played with but can no longer find.

The above recording was captured during a late night private investigation. By definition, EVP is the capture of a human voice — Electronic Voice Phenomenon. Since Dolly is canine, the recording is classified as Electronic NoisePhenomenon or ENP.