The San Diego Ghost Hunters are an intimate team of paranormal investigators that specializes in assisting historical landmark owners, discover or confirm occupants and events that have passed from our mortal plane but still exist in spirit form.

sdGH principals include family and friends who together have been unlocking history for over forty years. Their investigations combine tools and skills ranging from intuitive to high technology. Collected evidence is researched using genealogy and historical societies, and when required, sdGH’s association of archaeologists and published historians.

sdGH is proud of its premium reputation. So impressed with its respectful investigation protocol, the fully insured team is regularly re-invited to investigate invaluable landmarks and has been tapped by San Diego’s infamous Whaley House Museum, long considered to be one of America’s most haunted, and the William Heath Davis House Museum to conduct monthly public paranormal investigation tours. The Whaley House’s reputation has been recognized by the US Commerce Department.

With the team’s unique investigation techniques and many media appearances including television’s The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The San Diego Ghost Hunters have become the go-to group for all things paranormal throughout historical San Diego and Southern California.


founder and lead investigator

A genealogist with over 40 years experience, Maritza has assisted many individuals and organizations in discovering their past. Major projects have included teaming with Richard Milligan and John Miles of the Linn County historical and state historical societies of Oregon from 1980 to 1990. Assisting Evergreen Production Studios, Inc.’s; Larry Reaney for a television production focusing on the pioneers of Oregon, Maritza helped with the movie script development support with a member of the Harden Families history.

Currently, Maritza is working with the famously haunted San Diego Whaley House Museum, the William Heath Davis House Museum, the historical department of the Hotel Del Coronado, and spearheading The San Diego Ghost Hunters’ investigation agenda. Having experienced the paranormal all her life, Maritza founded The San Diego Ghost Hunters as an outlet to officially investigate life’s mysteries. She brings her leadership, intuitive gifts and research experience to the team.



Colleen’s earliest memories of her first paranormal experience, was at the young age of 5, when she saw the apparition of a teenage female in distress banging on her bedroom window. At the age of 9, Colleen’s childhood friend lived in a two-story apartment that had previously been a morgue until the owner died. Sleepovers proved to provide great activity for the kids. At age 17, personal paranormal experiences increased, but she opted to keep them to herself until cousin and sdGH founder, Maritza, shared her own experiences. This gave her the freedom to open up and share. Colleen’s son and sister-in-law, Diana, have also shared many experiences, making the paranormal world a family affair. The desire to develop her gift, increase her knowledge to have a better understanding of the paranormal world have become a major life goal. Working together with her team to help find answers to questions that many people across the globe have, is a passion that will keep on burning.


Associate Investigator


Associate Investigator


Associate Investigator


Associate Investigator

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