Web Spotlight Library
Written by sdGH team members, each spotlight entry offers an article, presentation or personal experience once posted on the team’s home page as a special feature. They have been organized here into the site’s lead categories. Additions will be posted on a regular basis.

EVP - An adobe ranch home spirit prefers vanilla | Team investigator, Colleen, recounts the capture of an incredible EVP while investigating an adobe ranch home and historical landmark in San Diego County. When posed the question EVP – An adobe ranch home spirit prefers vanilla | The capture of a tasty EVP is recounted as the team investigated a San Diego County adobe ranch home and historical landmark. When posed with the question “Do you prefer vanilla or chocolate?”, the phantom answer is clear — Class A clear. Savor it here.

ENP- Whaley House Museum dog barkENP – Whaley House Museum dog bark | While conducting a late night team investigation of San Diego, California’s Whaley House Museum, a dog bark Electronic Noise Phenomenon [ENP] was captured. Dolly is a well known canine spirit that has been experienced by many within the home. Was it her? Pet Dolly here.

EVP - Globe, Arizona, Jail welcomeEVP – A Globe, Arizona, jail welcoming | sdGH founder, Maritza, received a warm welcome while investigating Globe, Arizona’s Gila County Jail. Many hangings were held on the grounds along with the mysterious jail cell murder of accused child killer, Kingsley Olds, that caused a nationwide stir in 1911. Go to jail here.

The Grapevine Canyon UFO on KFMB Channel 8 CBS NewsThe Grapevine Canyon UFO | Should The San Diego Ghost Hunters change its name toThe San Diego UFO Hunters? Join sdGH founder, Maritza, as she shares her wild experience witnessing and photographing an anomaly within the skies of Southern California’s Anza Borrego Desert. Take flight here.

Investigation Spotlights
sdGH strikes gold at Arizona's Silver King Ghost Town & MinesdGH strikes gold at Arizona’s Silver King Ghost Town & Mine | Follow sdGH team members and central Arizona’s Silver King Ghost Town and Mine landowner, historian and author, Jack San Felice, as they uncover amazing EVP from the town and 1000 foot mine that produced the most silver in the state’s history. Investigate here.

Whaley House Museum Paranormal Investigation ToursWhaley House Museum Paranormal Investigation Tours | After many years of requests for ghost hunt tours within the infamous home, you may now join sdGH and discover why the US Commerce Department has designated the Whaley House as a haunted location. Details here.

Whaley House Museum pump organ performanceWhaley House Museum pump organ performance | During a Whaley House Museum investigation, sdGH was the audience to a performance of two original songs performed on the family’s original pump organ by head museum docent and rock band multi-instumentalist, Victor Santana. Listen here.

Submissions SpotlightsMultiple Evidence Captures on Whaley Tour
Multiple Evidence Captures on Whaley Tour | Kiayanna P. from San Diego, California, never expected she would walk away from October 2011’s Whaley House Museum Investigation Tour with three types of anomalous evidence that would make her a believer in the museum’s infamously haunted reputation. 

Making Contact with Grandfather in the AdobeMaking Contact with Grandfather in the Adobe | When Jerry Reynolds and a small team of investigators made their way to Ventura County, California’s Rancho Camulos Museum and State Park, they never expected to meet fellow visitors who were about to receive a message from a beloved relative. Hear what grandpa had to say here.

The RMS Queen Mary vs The San Diego Whaley House!The RMS Queen Mary vs The San Diego Whaley House! | Join 10 year old Alexandra from Long Beach, California, as she investigates two paranormal hot spots for her local school science fair. With the welcoming of this entry, who says there is a problem with the public school system? Alexandra’s science fair fare is here.

Media Spotlights
The Tonight Show with Jay LenoThe Tonight Show with Jay Leno | The San Diego Ghost Hunters join special on-location correspondent, Tom Green, as they explore the mysteries of the infamous San Diego Whaley House with the show’s typical humor in full force. Aired Halloween of 2006, Jay was startled by EVP presented by the team.

Star of India and San Diego NBC NewsStar of India and San Diego NBC News | Perfect for Halloween, San Diego’s NBC affiliate presented a news feature following the sdGH team on an investigation of the San Diego Star of India Maritime Museum. Broadcasted directly before Saturday Night Live on Halloween eve, it got all who watched in the mood for the day to come. Come aboard.

New Book: Queen Mary GhostsNew Book: Queen Mary Ghosts | Join author, historian, archaeologist and paranormal investigator, Robert Wlodarski, as he hunts down the truth behind RMS Queen Mary’s infamous haunted reputation. This spooky book includes the ship’s fascinating history and ghost stories including contributions from the sdGH team. Page through the book

Newspaper Spotlights La Mesa's Mt. Helix InvestigationNewspaper Spotlights La Mesa’s Mt. Helix Investigation | With reports published in the San Diego Evening Tribune newspaper as early as April 6, 1968, reporter Eric Yates follows the sdGH team as they investigate the ghost of a sobbing girl at La Mesa, California’s hilltop landmark. Read about the findings.

The Grapevine Canyon UFO on KFMB Channel 8 CBS NewsThe Grapevine Canyon UFO on KFMB Channel 8 CBS News | What’s a ghost hunter doing photographing a dramatic triangular UFO in Southern California’s Anza Borrego Desert? KFMB Channel 8’s Larry Himmel asks the same question as a special report on the coveted 5 o’clock news. Take flight here.

Resources Spotlights
Weird Web: The art of Jaun CabanaThe art of Juan Cabana | Are mermaids, aliens, humanoid crabs and winged fairies real? Juan Cabana thinks so and is ready to convince you. Meet the “gaff” artist behind the subjects of many tabloid exploits and see why Juan has caught the attention of the media and fans worldwide. Become a believer here.

Books and guides: Rob and Anne WlodarskiBooks and guides: Rob and Anne Wlodarski | sdGH associate members, Robert and Anne Wlodarski have created a series of books and guides unearthing haunted California and beyond. Each digs deep into the legends, myths and true history of each location from a ghost hunters point of view. Read all about it here.