During an investigation of Rancho Camulos Museum and California State Park in Ventura, California, independent paranormal investigator, Jerry Reynolds, came away with fascinating evidence of possible spiritual contact that has had a lasting personal effect on those present.

Located just north of Los Angeles, this registered national historic landmark was established in 1853 and is home to several original adobe structures including the del Valle family house, a Catholic chapel, and winery, among others.

After Jerry and a small team of investigators made their way to the museum, they made acquaintances with two visitors, a mother and daughter, who were invited to join the group as they sought activity level. Upon evidence review, Jerry found a spirit might have responded to the two visitors inquiry about their father’s / grandfather’s presence. When the EVP was sent to the mother, she confirmed the voice was that of her passed-away father.

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Mother and Daughter Contact Grandpa Rancho Camulos 10 16 10 original Audio mp4

Rancho Camulos Museum EVP

Possible contact was made with a long-passed relative by two Camulos visitors as recorded by Jerry Reynolds. What makes this EVP fascinating is that a vocalization appears twice within the same recording. Jerry’s EVP has been mated with location photos.

Here is what Jerry Reynolds has to say:
It was late afternoon, Saturday October 16, 2010. The mother and daughter were unknown museum visitors with no connection to the team who joined us until late into the evening after we became acquainted. The mother, daughter and I were the only three in the house as the recording was made. Obviously, I was the only male present.

It’s a very simple recording captured in Room 7 (see the home’s map under “location photos” tab above ). The male voice only says, “Yup”, but the timing gives one the sense he knows the mother and daughter. Once the voice was discovered, the mother identified it as being that of her father.

In terms of clarity, it’s one of the best EVP I’ve heard.


Rancho Camulos light anomaly and EVP
Here is an additional video of anomalous material caught during g the same Rancho Camulos investigation by Jerry Reynolds. It is an interesting mix of possible visial and audio phenomenon.

Here is what Jerry Reynolds has to say:
On October 16, 2010, a group of investigators gathered at the Ventura County, California, Rancho Camulos Museum. This video is of a phenomenon recorded during the investigation in an attic area that also served as the children’s room.

While the light or air particle mystery presented might be environmental, it’s in combination with an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) captured at the same moment that makes it especially intriguing. The camera was on a tripod and stationary, so all movement seen is by the phenomena. Presented as originally filmed, it is shown again with brightness and contrast adjusted for better viewing.

After an investigator explains the definition of a ‘Class A’ EVP to other investigators within the attic, the EVP is heard as the light ribbon passes by. It’s is clear but soft, so like with most EVP captures, it’s best heard with headphones. The complete phenomenon are isolated and repeated twice.