The Grapevine Canyon Triangle

Three strange metallic spheres create a triangular configuration as seen in Maritza’s photographs. The spheres soon spread vastly to shape a much larger triangle, then just as quickly, it reverted to the original size.
Middle: An additional photo within the series enlarged to show as much detail as possible.
Bottom: Last image within the photographed series shows object before it simply vanished.

Something a bit out of the ordinary occurred during an otherwise ordinary road trip to a local Southern California state park. As the family of sdGH founder, Maritza, looked to the sky, an unusual trianglar formation was witnessed and caught on camera. She tells of the fascinating incident.

See San Diego's KFMB Channel 8 News Report featuring Maritza See San Diego’s KFMB Channel 8 News Report featuring Maritza

“On November 29, 2009, my husband, son and I took a road trip to visit the Anza Borrego Desert which is tucked away in California’s southeast corner. While stopped at an old Indian village, we heard a military jet fly by at approximately 1:58pm. As we looked up to locate the jet, my husband shouted, “UFO”. Together, we spotted an odd set of silver objects that appeared to be three silver metal spheres, creating a triangular “connect-the-dots” formation. It moved slowly from left to right across the sky while at times making up and down movements. The three corners expanded to make a triangle several times its original for a moment, then quickly contracted back. I used a camera I had along on the trip and documented the anomaly.”

:: Enlarged view of sky anomaly

“What made this object especially strange was its exit. It didn’t fly off as one would expect — it simply vanished. The lines you see in the photos are telephone wires, helping to give the object some perspective.

Grapevine Canyon is a sandy trail located between the Volcan Mountains and Grapevine Hills within Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. Grapevine Canyon can be reached via a road that passes through private property off Highway S22. Another access is from S22 through the Jasper Trail which is towards the west end of the Canyon.”

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