Globe Investigation

Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) is an anomalous vocalization recorded onto an electronic device that was not heard by the ear when generated. This possible evidence of spirit existence and the techniques to capture it is available to everyone with little financial investment.One organization providing massive information and education is theHaunted Voices Radio Network. Spearheaded by researcher, instructor and EVP guru Todd Bates, HVRN offers articles, capturing instruction, forums, product reviews, and daily radio shows interviewing prominent paranormal community members. Site membership is free and the variety of complimentary services offered by Mr. Bates and his associates is generous.For a complete discussion of EVP’s history, capturing techniques and classification system by Todd Bates, follow us here.

Adjusted alternateGila County Jail “Hi, fellas…”: Globe, Arizona

Everybody enjoys a warm welocme when entering unknown territory and that’s exactly what sdGH founder Maritza received when investigating the Gila County jail building in the small historic western town of Globe, Arizona.

As the two were walking though an upper level trustee dorm while evaluating potential spirit activity, a welcoming “Hi, fellas…” is heard as recorded by Maritza’s digial voice recorder. Three members of a fellow investigation team is heard chatting at the end of the clip as they make their way from a lower level to the sdGH team. The combined group of five were the only mortals in the building and its only male is heard, eliminating him as the source of the breathy greeting.

:: Read the 1911 New York Times account of the murder mystery (PDF file)

Much of the best EVP captured by the sdGH team is not gained from structured EVP sessions, but when recording devices are allowed to run continuously as the team interacts with their environment. Unfortunately, that means EVP is at times interrupted by member voices or movement, but an overall higher yield is gained helping to determine what activity might be present. The use of headphones is highly recommended.

The below three images were taken in sequence by the team’s hunting camera. Secured into position within the main cell block, the IR night vision camera is triggered by the system’s motion detector. Photo one shows a sharp image of the cell; the second displays an movement blur; the third photo presents an anomalous haze and a image shift indicating the camera had moved up. The camera movement was not noticed by the team during the investigation. In the opinion of the tech director, if any errant movement were to occur, it most likely would be downward based on the camera’s mounting and gravity. The whole sequence is surely an oddity.