Investigation: Bodie
Location: Bodie, Mono Co., California
Web resource: Ghosttowns.com    Bodie.com

Bodie is one ghost town that may hold promise for the future. Not in the same manner and fashion as was the case during the 1865s, however. Back then Bodie had the reputation of being one of the most furious, vehement, violent and lawless towns in all the Mother Lode. Law and order took a back seat to doing whatever was the inspiration of the moment including putting a bullet into someone as the only way to settle an argument. Bodie once had a population of 10,000 people and some $75million in gold was taken from Bodie Butte. The promise for the future remains to be seen for there is as much gold under Bodie Butte a was taken out. But time has taken its toll on the tunnels and shafts which are caving in and are filling with water. There is much of interest to the tourist in this ghost town but the gold will probably stay where it is for the cost of mining it exceeds its present day value.

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