Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) is an anomalous vocalization recorded onto an electronic device that was not heard by the ear when generated. This possible evidence of spirit existence and the techniques to capture it is available to everyone with little financial investment.

One organization providing massive information and education is the Haunted Voices Radio Network. Spearheaded by researcher, instructor and EVP guru Todd Bates, HVRN offers articles, capturing instruction, forums, product reviews, and daily radio shows interviewing prominent paranormal community members. Site membership is free and the variety of complimentary services offered by Mr. Bates and his associates is generous.

For a complete discussion of EVP’s history, capturing techniques and classification system by Todd Bates, follow us here.

Adobe Ranch Home and Historical Landmark “Vanilla”: San Diego, California

Do you like vanilla or chocolate? sdGH Investigator, Colleen, receives a ghostly answer to this question as she recounts the circumstances surrounding one tasty EVP capture. When leaving the adobe ranch home and historical landmark investigation, nobody could imagine the paranormal gold she would soon discover.

Do you like vanilla or chocolate? The answer you are more likely to hear is chocolate, but not from this endearing spirit.┬áDuring an investigation of a Historic Adobe Ranch Home built in the mid 1800s, a City of San Diego Historical Landmark, the sdGH team closed the night with a question and answer session, using a “Ghost Box” (a radio used to contact spirits through scanning radio frequencies) in an original room of this grand adobe.


The historical landmark has been outfitted with period-appropriate furnishings.

There is no mistaking that the spirit of this child loves vanilla! What makes this even more captivating is that sdGH founder, Maritza, has a physical reaction after the spirit answers and also catches this EVP on her digital recorder as well. The answer “vanilla” is directly into Colleen’s recorder and sounds more distant on Maritza’s recorder. Both investigators were sitting right next to each other.

Capturing the same EVP on more than one recorder is always the icing on the cake, Vanilla cake that is!



The location where the amazing “Vanilla” EVP was captured, an original children’s bedroom.

The room is said to have been the children’s room at one time, and today you will find toys and an ambiance about the room that would indicate so. As we settled in and started to ask questions, the atmosphere in the room began to change. At one point you could hear the weight of someone sit down on the bed, and the frame squeaking. Excited, we started taking picture after picture around the room while capturing some eerie photos which will be revealed next year in a book of apparitions we are currently working on.



The sound of “someone” sitting on the bed was heard during the investigation.

After several minutes, the room started to quiet down and the answers became few and far between. Investigator, Colleen asks a simple question to see if any spirits are still in the room communicating. Do you like “vanilla”or “chocolate”? With no answer coming from the Ghost Box, the session soon ends. During the evidence review, Colleen is amazed and grateful that all sessions are recorded when she hears a Class A EVP. This intelligent response was not heard by anyone in the room at the time it was recorded.